5 Big Technology Trends

According to NCU faculty member Dr. Pamela Carter, big data, cloud computing, social media, smart machines, and mobile computing are the five big technology trends of the moment.
“The impact of just these five trends is overwhelming,” notes Dr. Carter. “Businesses now really have to focus on how to leverage these technologies.”

•Big Data – We’re currently overwhelmed by the amount of data being produced. According to Eric Schmidt, Google’s former chief executive officer, the world creates five exabytes of data every two hours, which is roughly the same amount created between the dawn of civilization and 2003! Carter believes the secret is for companies to be able to know what data they need to pay attention to, analyze this massive amount of data, and then use it to their advantage according to business priorities.

•Cloud Computing – or the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet) entrusts remote services with a user’s data, software and computation. Carter notes that the trend has the potential to save companies money by increasing their computing power and reducing IT operational costs, but it also breeds a new generation of hackers trying to gain unauthorized access to the cloud provider’s server.

•Mobile Computing – Computers are on the move and our mobile devices give us the capability of workplace computing anytime, anywhere – and this huge trend seems to have the potential to get even bigger. And of course, with the proliferation of mobile computing, smart apps appear daily, helping companies manage and optimize their mobile workforce. Dr. Carter notes that manufacturing companies are analyzing supply chain data and risks with real-time insights via mobile technology.

•Smart Machines – We now speak into our iPhones and Siri reschedules appointments for us. While companies like GE Healthcare are using robotic modular manufacturing technologies to stay even more agile in the bioprocessing field and reduce research to market timeframes. Advanced applications of artificial intelligence and highly sophisticated machines, while replacing some jobs, are adding new knowledge-based jobs to the workforce. Finding people with the skills to take on these new jobs is already recognized as a growing problem.

•Social Media – People are becoming more connected through the use of social media. While large social media outlets such as LinkedIn and Twitter continue to evolve, more specialized social media are being used to create micro-networks that enable focused attention and interaction on specific topic areas. Businesses can create, follow, participate in, or analyze data from large and micro-networks to strengthen relationships with stakeholders and gain insights into important trends.

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I think these are correct - but in a different phase of development. Cloud computing is being adopted slowly, but most servers are still on premise and tied to an organisation; big data is in its infancy; and likewise smart machines. Social media is now 10 years old and pretty mature and mobile computing has also been with us for a while. Nice article anyway.

The essential element in most, if not all, of these 5 categories, is anlytics - the ability to make sense out of the data and the technology. Many companies and executives really struggle to make sense of it all and feel rather desperately that they are swimming in treacle!

Cloud Computing And Smart machine is a Good Topic to read about and This is our NEED now

Good post. Thank you! I just would like to mention that Eric Schmidt is no longer the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Google. He stepped down in April 2011. Larry Page is the current CEO. Eric Schmidt is now serving as the Executive Chairman of Google as well as advising the CEO "Larry Page" on business and policy issues. For more info, please refer to http://www.google.com/about/company/facts/management/

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Mohamed --

From my point of view, cloud computing is a hole for our data a services security, and it is getting clear each day.

Dr. Pamela Carter is one of the good faculty of NCU.

I put big data and cloud computing as the most notable trend in technology these days. these are like tag-team in anything that is big online right now. Big data are protected using cloud computing technology, it parry attacks from dDOS for example.

I have studied under Dr.Pam Carter, tech expert at her finest!

I think all the technologies covered in the blog post are great! I do think another trend that is slowly emerging is wearble tech gadgets. Google Glass, Fitbit, Nike's fuel band, and a few other pioneers are leading the way. Soon companies who make clothes will also incorporate wearable items that collect data about the people wearing them. Data that monitors heart rate, sweat, body temperature, etc... Samsung has a watch and I know for a fact that Apple is working on a version of their own.

Great Post. Social Media is a huge trend, and Twitter's upcoming IPO adds more merit to the huge growth trend in the industry

Dr. Pamela Carter is one of the good faculty of NCU.

Cloud Computing is really one of the most essential parts of modern day computing it has transformed the way one can work and made life so much easier. The only downside is security bit it is getting better.

I am working as a senior software engineer in a well reputed software company and i have personal experience that Tech giants these days are focusing on mobile computing most because of so much aggressive battle between smartphone makers. The main focus of our company is on Android apps and i think its the most profitable option now in the markets.

Great article! Thanks for this!

Big data is obviously an interesting field of study and it's definitely going to be the biggest trend in coming times. When combined with cloud computing, there are many things we could expect out of it.

These technologies are nothing short of impressive. With the advancement of mobile devices we can expect that the volume of data we produce each day will only grow larger as we go.

I think all the technologies covered in the blog post are great!