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While in the past, students may have been asked to stow electronic devices at the door to avoid learning distractions, they are now being encouraged to use resources like smartphone applications and social media platforms to instantly share conclusions and contribute to class discussions. As the poster child for progressive academia, online education institutions are at the forefront of this movement, eagerly discovering methods to employ social media to improve the experience of the online graduate or undergraduate student.

An article from  quotes cultural anthropologist Michael Wesch, who at a recent Campus Technology Conference in Boston said, “We have to recognize in our society that new media we see in our environment is not just new means of communications, not just tools. Media changes what can be said, how it can be said, who can say it, who can hear it and what messages will count as information and knowledge.”

In the 2010 movie “The Social Network,” we watched as Mark Zuckerberg’s character uses the freshly minted Facebook to solicit impressions of masterpieces for his Harvard art course. While this particular policy may not be encouraged, social media can be used effectively in the higher-education setting in a variety of ways:

  • Create groups and pages on Facebook to house online course discussions with classmates and peers
  • Receive the latest news from your field of study by following key influencers and news makers on Twitter and Facebook
  • Tweet a question to your professor, making the answer available to other distance learners who might be having the same question
  • Conduct an informal survey to receive value feedback from those around the globe
  • Become an authority in your field before graduating by tweeting about what you learned from the online lecture that day
  • Make connections and interact with potential employers
  • For teachers, post quiz questions on social media sites and watch as the responses filter through in real time

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This is a great resource, technology is advancing so quick it is so hard to keep up!

I'm definitely an advocate for using more social media in the classroom. Very interesting article.

No doubt this is the future of not only education but every aspect. I recently purchased voice recognition software, wow just like star wars and HAL 9000, we sat and looked in amazement as what I said was typed for me on a word doc then I prompted email and search, incredible. This conjures views of the classroom 20 years from now ,no more keyboards ,then typing will be the next old aspect of education to fall to the wayside.

It's only natural for social platforms to get integrated into the learning experience. I believe it's beneficial to integrate social media into the educational process because in the "real" world, people are more and more using social media in day to day business. A few examples I can think of are community boards on CRMs like Salesforce, company groups on LinkedIn, and most companies now have fansites to help branding.

I have seen live situations where Social media has helped problem solving for students. I think social media is going to be a way of life in the future for all problem solving.

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The Social networks should be used in my opinion in favor of education and dissemination of information for the good of all. Excellent contribution.

Social Media has a big share on the development of each individual because nowadays internet is the way or the source to have the needed information. But I hope everyone must be responsible in using social media. Thanks for sharing this terrific post.

Technology has grown so much that it regularly invades our private space. But who let it do that? We did! We decide which products we want and how much of the constant connectivity is really essential. I think we should use it sparingly to its best use so that we are in charge and not the other way around!

Schools focused on internet technology are all one step ahead of the typical public schools that do not allow internet enabled devices. Social media can be a great tool for using in the classroom. It has the ability to connect teachers with students, students with employers and keep a log of activity related to subject studies. I can only imagine how engaging social media will be in the future. Very informative post.

Great article. it's so true. When I was in school ( 60yrs old ) I brought a calculator to school for my trig class and they confiscated it. Now days my grand daughter tells me if you don't have an enhanced calculator, notebook, laptop, PC Tablet, or the like you can't even do the work. There is so much more access to educational materials than before. I am a true believer in cutting edge technology in education.

social networking has become a very important part of our lives. its replacing most other forms of communication and sharing information

I agree that we need to introduce technology and social media to the classroom, but I think the problem happens when people start abusing it. If someone is playing farmville or similar game on Facebook during classes that is not a good usage of social media. As most things I guess it's up to the individuals, but I think this is a very tricky area to find the right balance.

This is a great resource, technology is advancing so quick it is so hard to keep up!

That's a great resource, we can see a revolution in the field of technology. Those smart phones and gadgets we use are of never dreamed of things and I guess you might heard of the upcoming Google Glass too. Let's hope we can benefit with these advancements. Nice post by the way.

Social Media can revolutionize the way we educate people if used properly !

i think students should use social networking sites in favor of education and for information resource .

twitter brings you a vast pool of knowledge in up to 140 characters
i am loving it

The trends are changing, becoming stronger sciales networks but now we must focus on other things like usability, accessibility, speed and much more, it is useless to focus only on social networks

the future concept of education system must use technology...

I believe it’s beneficial to integrate social media into the educational process because in the “real” world, people are more and more using social media in day to day business College information
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