Meeting Needs with a Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy

With divorce rates and depression diagnoses swelling, and challenges to the family constantly increasing, the demand for educated, dedicated therapists continues to mount. To meet this pressing need for professionals, Northcentral University offers a variety of Masters and Doctoral degrees in a range of specialties of marriage and family therapy.

A Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy is offered at Northcentral University which provides the essential academic training needed to successfully practice marriage and family therapy. Graduates of this masters program will be well prepared to begin the process of seeking licensure in their home state or area.

Doctoral degree specialties include child and adolescent therapy, couples therapy, general family therapy, medical family therapy and therapy with military families.

This latter program is a unique offering of Northcentral University, representing not only the universitys commitment to meeting the needs of its Students but also reinforcing its dedication to military families. In addition to offering specific, relevant program alternatives, Northcentral University effectively prepares Students for productive careers in marriage and family therapy by adapting to each Students strengths and learning methods. Mentors assist Students in an individual setting through the Universitys unique faculty mentored approach.

"I get to learn from their story, wherever they are," said Branden Henline, Dean of the School of  Marriage and Family Sciences at Northcentral University. "I talk with them about their clinical cases, I get to learn what it is like for them culturally, and it is exciting to see how they are successful no matter where they come from."

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