Discover a Northcentral University Degree in Psychology

Sigmund Freud may have revealed the subconscious, but Northcentral University has discovered the art of sharing his efforts with the six billion Internet users across the globe through its 100 percent online psychology program.

Northcentral University offers both Bachelors and Masters degrees in psychology, in addition to a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies and a Doctor of Philosophy in psychology. Each of these degrees can be further broken down, depending on the Students particular area of interest. Altogether, Students can choose from 13 different degree options, guaranteeing each the chance to succeed in the specialty that truly appeals to them. The most popular of these degrees is the Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology, known for its completely individualized, customizable program.

An advanced degree in psychology is particularly valuable in todays volatile economy. Inc. magazine recently named the health care industry including the field of psychology as one of the best industries to work in. It is estimated that this field alone will create "3 out of every 10 new jobs in the U.S. over the next decade."*

Those administrators and mentors of Northcentral Universitys psychology program have worked diligently to ensure that Students are prepared to enter this growing workforce.

"Our vision is to unite a diverse community of Mentors and Students, dedicated to improving the human condition," says Heather Frederick, Northcentral's VP of Academic Affairs and previous Dean of the School of Psychology. "This is accomplished through research and practice, enabled by our 100 percent online format."

But dont rely on Sigmund Freud or your subconscious to do all of the work; prepare to make your own discoveries by visiting for more information.

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