Master of Education

Prepare for higher levels of leadership in education.

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Have you ever been in a situation where you recognized an opportunity for improvement in your organization or institution? To make your ideas actionable, you need authority and related knowledge and skills. If you have a desire to start leading your education team to greater achievement, a Master of Education degree (MEd) can help set you apart and prepare you for additional responsibilities in your education career.

PURPOSE: Prepare you for increased leadership responsibilities in specialized areas of education in PK-12 and higher education.

As part of Northcentral University’s commitment to supporting the development of effective leaders and reflective practitioners through an applied experiential learning approach, the online Master of Education degree program will teach you how to apply education leadership principles to real-world problems and case studies, creating an engaging educational experience that is meaningful, personalized and professionally relevant.

OUTCOMES: Throughout the program, you will develop the knowledge and skills you need to effectively analyze and address educational issues within your specialty area.

Whether you are interested in taking an accelerated path to earning your online MEd or enrolling in our standard MEd track, Northcentral University’s online Master of Education degree program will challenge and prepare you to make effective decisions and recommendations in your field. You will reflect on situations, theories and case studies, and apply resulting education leadership principles to real-world educational problems.

See the NCU Course Catalog for student outcomes you will have obtained upon completion of this program. 

ACHIEVEMENTS: As a MEd graduate, you will have the opportunity to enhance your existing career as a PK-12 teacher or higher education professional, or in some cases, develop the knowledge and skills to completely change professions.

The development of new ideas and increased knowledge in the latest theories and best practices in the field of education makes this a beneficial program for educators who want to enhance their existing careers. For example, many graduates in the Higher Education and Workforce Education specializations use their degree to increase their knowledge and skills to improve adult learning in a variety of situations as they continue organizational careers or take the opportunity to transform their careers.

Students should check their local and state program qualifications for licensure and certification requirements.