Master of Arts in Psychology

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Northcentral University offers a Master of Arts in Psychology degree program that can provide you with solid insight and knowledge into human behavior. In this program, you will develop your critical thinking, writing and research skills to further analyze psychological principles and then apply them to personal, social and organizational issues.

PURPOSE: Provide an education experience that allows you to build and appropriately apply skills in the field of psychology and become a contributor to your local and global communities.

Within the MA in Psychology degree program, you will choose from four unique specializations to better focus your education to match your career goals.

OUTCOMES: In this program, you will develop a strong knowledge and skills base that will prepare you for future study or for a career in psychology or a related field.

Our master’s degree program will help you further develop your ability to analyze psychological principles, theories and empirical findings and apply them to personal, social and organizational issues in your specialized area and in the psychology field in general. You will be expected to think critically and apply your problem solving and creative thinking skills as you explore problems related to behavior and emotional and cognitive processes, while adhering to ethical principles in research and academics.

See the NCU Course Catalog for student outcomes you will have obtained upon completion of this program.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Depending on your chosen specialization, skills, work experience and interests, an MA in Psychology can help you qualify for a variety of highly skilled careers in the field of psychology.

Academia: Some high schools and junior colleges hire master’s-level psychologists to teach psychology and other related general education courses. Academic advising, career counseling and academic recruiting are other careers often available to graduates from an MA program.

Health Care and Mental Health Services: Whether your specialty is in Health Psychology or a different area, you may choose a career in mental health and/or health care. Working under the supervision of a clinical psychologist, in a mental health center, or in other venues depending on your state or country of residence, you may develop a career such as case worker, mental health care provider, health and lifestyle coach, behavioral counselor, group home coordinator or project coordinator.

Training/Research: In business and industry, MA-level psychologists may carry out research and serve as employee trainers, public relations representatives and market researchers.

Local, State, and Federal Government: Government offices hire individuals with a master’s degree in psychology for positions such as vocational rehabilitation provider, developmental specialist, parole officers, social service managers, and drug and alcohol specialists.