Post-Master's Certificate in Psychology

Enhance your professional development in psychology.

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Human beings are incredibly complex. Therefore, it’s only natural that the study of human behavior would be just as complex, with professionals choosing to focus their studies on a specific area of psychology. Earning a post-master’s certificate at Northcentral University is a great way to focus your own education and skills in a specific area of psychology that is of particular interest to you.

PURPOSE: The Post-Master’s Certificate in Psychology is designed to help you develop skills sets and knowledge in a particular area of psychology beyond the master’s degree level.

If you’ve earned your master’s degree, but want to continue your education to help you stand out in your field or support your interests in a related area, a post-master’s certificate can help you do it. With just 18 credits to complete and seven professionally relevant specializations to choose from, the Post-Master’s Certificate in Psychology is a quick and easy way to enhance your professional development in specialty of your choice.

OUTCOMES: You will be introduced to doctoral-level coursework in psychology with an emphasis on applied experiential learning (act, think, conceptualize and apply).

In this certificate program, you will take doctoral-level courses that enhance your understanding of major theories and practices in your specialization. Ultimately, you will be challenged to think critically about the topics covered in your courses with the goal of applying what you learn to real-world issues in psychology today.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Upon completion of the certificate, you will be prepared to put your newfound knowledge and skills to work or continue your higher education by pursuing a doctorate.

The courses in your certificate program coincide with the PhD in Psychology program at NCU and can be applied for transfer credit if you continue your studies at the doctoral level.