Payment Plans

All Northcentral Students may take advantage of these convenient payment options.

A Student may pre-pay the tuition for his or her entire degree program at the beginning of their program with Northcentral. Such pre-payment will confirm the tuition rate for the duration of the student's entire program (excluding added or retaken courses). This may be especially convenient for those with loans financing the entire academic program. 

Pay-by-Course Tuition is charged and due when the student becomes 100% financially vested on the 8th day of his or her course(s). The University reserves the right to change tuition rates, as it deems necessary. Convenient for those seeking to pay as you go at the current tuition rate.

Monthly Payment Plans
Convenient for those seeking smaller monthly payments. The fee for this plan is $25/per course for undergraduate and $50/per course for graduate. Plans are tailored for Undergraduate, Graduate, Post-Baccalaureate and Post-Master's Certificate students.